Tired of manual weeding and pesticides?

Easy weed control with 100°C water

How it works

All you need is water
The device heats the water to 100°C
Apply the water to the plants
Remove the dead plants as needed
Repeat 3-4 times yearly to destroy the roots



Eco Weedkiller is environment-friendly, and does not damage the treated surface


No toxins used - only regular water as active substance

Easy to use

No special training, permits or licenses required

Built to last

Simple to maintain & genuine spare parts available

Designed in Finland

Together with students and experts


For professionals

Eco Weedkiller Pro SP

Professional weed control

For professionals

Eco Weedkiller Pro

Professional weed control

For consumers

Eco Weedkiller Garden

The world's first weed control device with 100°C water for home gardeners and property owners.

Powered by100°C hot water

The effect of hot water in weed control is based on a sudden surge of thermal energy, which damages the plant tissue.

Many plants have a natural mechanism to protect them from fire. Since hot water is not a natural threat to plants, they have not developed mechanisms to protect themselves against it.